Playing in photoshop with found images. These could be made into transfers for use on pots or just left as ideas. It does hold a narrative for me but I leave you to make up your own.

T's Made Rye Art Gallery 12 April - 25 May 2014 Tel 01797 222433

Potfest in the Park 2014 Hutton in the Forest 25, 26, 27, July

Frames Contemporary Gallery
  10 Victoria Street
  Scotland PH2 8LW 

Peter Potter Gallery Haddington 01620 822080




PUNCH BOWL.  Why oh why do we have to blend in?  Where's the life, the passion in that? LET'S SHOUT about this fabulous medium. THERE'S SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE with this stuff. Colour for a start. Beige = fear of excess. Pastells = Fear. Let's live a little. Splash out! why don't you?

Transfers are a way of celebrating my debt to the ceramic industry; in 1988 I found a cache of decals that had been sitting for a long time in a drawer at Edinburgh College of Art.  No-one else on the course wanted to use them so I snapped them up.  With Minton and Sevres as my guides gold lustre followed.

Not being a fan of using plaster (or slip casting) I chose hand building and asymmetry using largely white earthenware clay and oxidised firings which often give brighter colour and can be more economical both time-wise and financially.

Smiling – we need to smile more – a ‘pot’ that raises a smile is stimulating– whether from the complete ridiculous audacity of it or the narrative it has inspired.

Reacting– responding – keeping us awake, keeping us thinking – all helps to keep us ALIVE! and never complacent.

Its about looking, constantly looking and exploring, always open to fresh experiences and never afraid to keep developing a something that engages and stimulates and challenges all those who see the work - as well as the maker.


Philomena Pretsell

Rose Cottage

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EH20 9EA

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Philomena Pretsell

Short Curriculum Vitae

Teaching 1992 - 2000 Sunderland University; Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee; Edinburgh College Art


Scottish Arts Council Award research in New York and Chicago
Scottish Arts Council Award Solo Touring Exhibition
Major Scottish Arts Council award
Post Graduate scholarship Edinburgh College of Art


Galerie Albion Putti Groningen Holland
51st International Competition of Ceramic Art Faenza Italy
Time for Tea Brasilia Cultura Inglesia Musea da Republica Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Kutani International Decorative Ceramics Competition Japan
Bienniale Internationale de Ceramique d’Art Vallauris France

Selected UK

Potfest in the Park
Contemporary Ceramics Centre Great Russell Street London
Unite Collins Gallery Glasgow
Origin Somerset House The Strand London
Ceramic Art London Royal College of Art
Form and Transfer curator Stephen Dixon for Drumcroon Wigan Lancs
Hot off the Press Crafts Council Gallery London

Work in Permanent Collections

Professional Membership


21st Century Ceramics Lark Books
Ceramics and Print Paul Scott A&C Black
500 Plates and Chargers Lark Books
The Potters Bible Marilyn Scott A&C Black
The Potters Guide to Ceramic Surfaces by Jo Connell Quarto
The Potter’s Question and Answer Book by Gill Bliss A&C Black
The Art of Hand-Built Ceramics by Susan Bruce Quarto
Slipware by Michael and Victoria Eden A&C Black
Buyer’s Guide to Contemporary British Studio Ceramics Crafts Council
The Potter’s Directory of Shape and Form by Neal French Quarto

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